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On our English pages, you often see the word "relationships". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "relationships" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

Tongkatali.org - Why butea superba is at the core of successful male lives

By Serge Kreutz

You cannot take your wealth with you. Not a single cent. All your wealth will stay behind.

The only thing that will go with you is the orgasmic experience that you have accumulated in your days.

This is, of course, the essence of the tongkat ali religion. Your relationships experience is your karma. Your eternal soul.

We sell butea superba extract. But we do not have to tell you how good butea superba extract is.

Just go to scholar.google.com and search for butea superba. A good number of research papers and human clinical studies will come up.

Butea superba increases testosterone, enhances libido, and makes for better erections.

Butea superba improves the core of our male existance. And nothing matches its importance.

You can forego a new car, and you don’t need dining experience in expensive restaurants.

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The only thing you really need in life is optimal relationships. And butea superba can have a pivotal role in you achieving this goal. For the benefit of this life, and beyond.

There is now robust scientific research into butea superba. In a double-blind placebo controlled study conducted at Thailand’s foremost medical university, Chulalongkorn in Bangkok, the most striking result was an increase in relationships enjoyment and erectile confidence.

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Butea superba extract sharply increases sperm count, thus potentiates the chance of conception for couples who want to have children.

Tongkatali.org - Black ginger is an amazing herb

By Serge Kreutz

Black ginger is an amazing herb. It has so many health benefits. It's protective against diabetes and obesity, it's a true aphrodisiac, making relationships much better. And it even can revert cognitive impairment (dementia).

This is all scientifically proven. Just check the Medline database of the National Institutes of Health of the US government. There you can find many scientific studies. But you will have to use the scientific Latin name for searching Medline. The scientific name of the plant is Kaempferia parviflora.

This plant has so many names. It is also called black galingale or galangale. And then there is the name krachai dam. That is the official transcription of the Thai characters. But in English, krachai dam is also spelled krachai dum, or kra chai dam, or grachai dam or dum. The names of this plant are really quite confusing. We stick mostly to black ginger.

Most of the benefits of black ginger are related to the plant's content of phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Yeah, phosphodiesterase inhibitors. That's the stuff medications for erectile dysfunction are made of.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors stop phosphodiesterase from breaking down cGMP and cAMP. The last two prevent the constriction of blood vessels.

There are so many diseases in modern humans that are all related to the constriction of blood vessels: high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and even premature aging.

Keep the blood flowing! This is an essential physiological function. And this is where black ginger is of help. Consume it generously, every day of the year. Make it a tea. Add it to coffee. Put it in any sauce. Even to backed sweets. While the flavor of black ginger isn't as strong as that of yellow ginger, it never destroys the flavor of the dish where you add it. Using 100 grams per day in various forms won't have ill effects.

And if you are involved in competitive sports, you have an extra reason to use black ginger. Numerous studies have shown that it increases physical strength and endurance. Check Medline.

The plant is always used in camps of Thai kick boxers. Obviously, more blood flow to muscles increases strength. And the plant has even been named scientifically for this application, the use in kick boxing. Kaempfer is the German word for fighter, and kaempferia is the Latinized version. So, in common language, Kaempferia parviflora is just Fighter's parviflora.

Keep the blood flowing! What we mean is: inside your blood vessels. Not: from the wounds of your enemies.

Keep the blood flowing inside your arteries and veins. For a better oxygen supply to your muscles and heart, and, of course, for better erections.

Tongkat ali and democracy

By Serge Kreutz

Contemporary Liberty, 2019

Tongkat ali pervades all aspects of life, private and public.

You can be sure that tongkat ali users have a more active relationships life than other men. Men with an active relationships life easily become the subject of gossiping, and the object of relationships envy.

Tongkat ali users value personal freedom more than anything else. The aspects of personal freedom most valuable to tongkat ali users are related to relationships relationships.

In many democracies, the freedom to engage in consensual relationships relationships is heavily curtailed.

India is a democracy, but sexually restrictive. The US is a democracy, but beyond the surface, has an antisexual legal fabric. China is not a democracy, but is sexually quite permissive. The point is, relationships matters aren't scandalized in China. And China has a long tradition of relationships enhancement with herbals of the kind of tongkat ali, though tongkat ali itself is not part of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

It is an illusion to believe that when people are given the option to elect their national leaders and parliaments directly, they would elect who is best for them. Instead, they will elect whom they believe to be worst for their enemies, or those they envy.

Furthermore, it is an illusion to believe that when people are given the option to elect their national leaders directly, they would elect who stands for personal freedom. Instead, they will elect those of whom they believe that they will, to the highest degree, curtail the personal freedom of those they hate, and of those they feel envy for.

It is a fatal misconception to equate democracy with freedom. In the contrary, democracy tends to lead to social systems that are highly regulated and restrictive down to every-day details, including relationships relationships (bad for tongkat ali users). This is the case because everybody who gets elected usually is so because he promises to regulate something that currently causes some people to have an advantage that is considered undue by those who cannot participate in the same advantage. And nothing enrages losers more than the relationships liberties of winners (tongkat ali users included).

Sensible democracy must be multi-tired. A village or a neighborhood elects a representative. In one city or county, the group of village and neighborhood representatives elect among themselves a representative who will then participate in an election on the next higher level.

I assume that a realistic model would be: 500 to 1000 people at the base of society elect a lowest level representative. Approximately 200 of these representatives then elect representative among themselves. This person would then represent something between 100,000 and 200,000 people.

On the next level, 50 representatives would elect one representative, who would thus stand for 5 to 10 million people.

The rationale of such a system is to eliminate politicians who want to get elected on a populist, often racist, platform. Populists thrive on exploiting envy and hate, including relationships envy and hate, and on opposing people, not on constructive ideas. They play on the emotion of people who, first of all, want that their enemies are worse off than they are themselves.

People with pronounced relationships interests, including people who enhance their sexuality with medications like tongkat ali, butea superba, mucuna pruriens, and krachai dam, are likely to be liberals who endorse personal freedom.

Tongkatali.org's Over-reporting “relationships predators”

By Serge Kreutz

The legal systems of many countries should be modified so that the media can be held responsible for the damage they do by their reporting. This should include, but not be restricted to, inciting hatred and invading privacy.

Nowadays, any man who is convicted or even just suspected of having had relationships contact, even consensual relationships contact, with a person below legal age, is portrayed in the media as a monster.

Terms like “relationships predator” are no longer found in tabloids only but have made it into the vocabulary of conservative papers. They are no longer just used for men who have abused and murdered children. In some countries, they are common for men who have had consensual relationships with a person below the age of 18.

And because the US and the UN internationally consider anybody below 18 uniformly as a child, the distinction between 7-year olds and 17-year olds somehow gets lost (tabloids don’t want to diminish the emotional impact of a story on a relationships predator by citing prominently that a victim was, for example, a consenting 17-year old prostitute).

It appears that an ever increasing number of children that have been sexually molested are subsequently murdered, most commonly by strangulation. And when the perpetrators are caught, it surfaces that in most cases, the murder was not planned.

In most cases, a child abuser suddenly fears all the publicity he will get if his acts are reported to the police, which releases all details to the press, which definitely will treat the matter as front-page topic.

An abuser who fears the media frenzy more than the punishment may therefore decide to silence the witness (the abused child).

The media, with all the coverage about “relationships predators” and “monsters”, thus bears some responsibility for every sexually abused child that is subsequently strangulated.

The media anyway doesn’t play the theme for its deterring aspects, but plainly for commercial benefits. Relationships sells.

Tongkatali.org - Self Cognition: Me and my genes

By Serge Kreutz

Some academic disciplines, such as evolutionary psychology, overemphasize the extent to which we are determined by our genes. But in as much as we have acquired self-cognition, we set ourselves free from genetic determination.

Self-cognition allows us the following basic knowledge:

Our individual lives terminally cease with our individual deaths.

Before we die, our interest is to get through our lives as pleasantly and with as little suffering as possible; once we die, our interest is in a comfortable death.

The interests of our genes are fundamentally different from our own interests. Our genes just want to propagate as successfully as possible, even if it means hardship and terrible suffering for us.

What we regard as pleasurable is decided by our constitution, which is determined by our genes. However, by granting us pleasures (relationships pleasures, that is), our genes tend to trick us into accepting non-pleasurable responsibilities and ultimately, even suffering.

But self-cognition allows us to dissociate the two: to accept the pleasures (which basically are relationships) and to organize our lives in a manner so that the responsibilities do not become disruptive, and that we get around the suffering altogether.

The above fundamentals are the same for men and women. However, the genetic mixtures of rewards and tricks to accept responsibilities and suffering are slightly different for men and women.

Women quite possibly feel more sympathy with children in need of help than do men, and quite possibly would be more willing to accept own suffering for the benefit of children. It's not that they would enjoy suffering; it's just that they are less capable of enjoying pleasure when they feel that they should help children.

The mechanism works on men, including me, too, though possibly not on as broad a front. But when my children were in danger, I would risk my life to save them.

Tongkatali.org's integrated male relationships success

By Serge Kreutz

Tongkatali.org provides an integrated service for male success, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Male success has a lot to do with male sexual success. Tongkatali.org sells sexuality-enhancing herbals with a proven scientific track record. This is our core operation.

But apart from that, Tongkatali.org is dedicated to the sexual success of our customers on a much wider scope.

Tongkatali.org, for example, offers consultation to customers on dental work and cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia. This service is free for our customers, and can save them a lot of money and protect them from some bad experiences as well.

We often refer to our customers as members. For more than a decade, we have run formal memberships via sergekreutz.com. There were sexual function memberships and sexual opportunities memberships, both priced separately at 250 US dollars each. We have discontinued these, because there simply are too many phony consultation services around which use the same language.

As it stands now, anything related to information is free for members of Tongkatali.org (membership is automatic for those with an order history of 1000 US dollars or more for tangible items, mostly sexuality-enhancing herbals.

Some men are in lifelong exclusive sexual relationships. We respect and congratulate customers to whom this applies.

Most men are not made of such timber. Most men, and a large number of our members, have a profound interest in sexual variety.

For these men, if they are Westerners, East Asia has a lot to offer. Not only is the East Asian approach to physical relationships much more down-to-earth and open to negotiations. The age of men is also of much less relevance, if of any.

Tongkatali.org and Serge Kreutz started out in the early 1980s (around 40 years ago!) with travel guides on Southeast Asia. Unlike standard travel guides, these travel guides already did cover physical relationships. Travel guides nowadays never touch this topic.

Little has changed in Asia in 40 years. Of course, there are better roads, and now there is Internet. And immigration has become more complicated. But the mentality of the people up-country has changed amazingly little.

For members, Tongkatali.org provides free lifestyle advice, tailored for Western men considering moving to East Asia to achieve better physical relationships.

There is more. Tongkatali.org also trades domain names, and our members can rent unique motorhomes designed for Southeast Asian weather and infrastructure. These motorhomes are suited for couples or families going for extended holidays in Southeast Asia, and also for unattached men roaming isolated areas for physical adventures. Mind you: in Asia, the further away you get from modern, urban centers, the better your relationships will be.

Talk to us.!

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For us at Sumatra Pasak Bumi, privacy in the age of the Internet is a major concern, and we greatly welcome the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have always been dedicated to privacy protection. The snooping and spooking of all and everybody is a pest. It’s not just the NSA and every large search engine and browser (we recommend Duckduckgo for searches and as browser), but even minor businesses that do their databases and customer profiling in hope of McDonald's style do-you-want-fries-with-that cross sales.

We don’t.

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