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Tongkatali.org (Sumatra Pasak Bumi) products available on Amazon: Thai tongkat ali extract, 500 capsules @ 300 mg, 460 CAD (this order option comes with 1 bottle of 400 caps @ 300 mg of Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract, shipped from separately from Southeast Asia)

On our English pages, you often see the word "relationships". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "relationships" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

Tongkatali.org's What are Serge Kreutz restaurants?

By Serge Kreutz

No, they are not owned by me, Serge Kreutz.

But they follow a basic concept, propagated by me. That is: Not every food that is fit for taste is fit for digestion.

And that means: you put it into your mouth but don’t pass it via your esophagus, stomach, and intestine.

There are so many delicious foods and drinks that are just not appropriate for digestion.

Alcoholic drinks, for one category. Cognac tastes just great, many liquors do. Alcohol is a great substance to capture tastes and convey them to our taste buds.

But once swallowed, the effects are all negative: intoxication, a burden to the liver, damage to the brain.

For tea, it’s a similar story. OK, I can do with some theobromine in my bloodstream. That would be equivalent to one or two cups a day.

But I love the taste of tea. When I eat Asian dishes, or sweets, I like to rinse my mouth with strong tea after every spoon.

And then? Swallow the tea?

That would be simply stupid. I rinse my mouth with tea, then discard the tea.

Not via the esophagus. I spit it out.

Haha, I can feast on a 5000 calorie meal, not yet counting the wine and cognac, and what reaches my stomach is just 500 calories: some rice, a fried egg, a few olives and nuts, a bit of fruit, plain water.

I can not do this in a normal restaurant. It does not look appetizing to other guest when I sit there and empty most bites into a container instead of swallowing it.

So, Serge Kreutz restaurants have to be different. They have to be designed with water streams on table height where guest can get empty their bites without having to swallow them, and all of this in an aesthetic setting.

Yes, it’s an architectural challenge, but based on a concept “swallow” restaurants can’t compete with.

Tongkatali.org's Rules of deceit and deception

By Serge Kreutz

While in some fields (business, politics, or the professions, and especially in writing), honesty is or may be the best approach, the area of human relationships relationships is so complicated and messed up that keeping to honesty will either shortchange you, or stir up a lot of unfavorable emotions among the women with whom you have or attempt relationships relationships.

Of course I am totally against breaking the law. I believe there are no clever criminals. It is much smarter to get what you need without breaking the law. Those who see no other way to get what they need but to break the law, haven't done their homework.

However, if you want to have the best of relationships relationships, and the most, then you won't get very far if you are not willing to apply techniques of deceit and deception. Try approaching a young woman, telling her what may be on your mind: “Hey, I‘d like to screw you a few times, and if the chance presents itself, I'd screw your best friend as well. Later this afternoon, I have time, but only until 7, because at 8, I already have an appointment with another girl.”

You won't get anywhere with this kind of honesty.

Now, try the following line: “Wow, I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. This is the first time I have falling in love at the first sight. Sorry, I am confusing you, but looking at you has totally confused my mind. I hope you aren't married or something like that. That would break my heart.”

This second approach won't necessarily work with every girl or woman. But the first one never will.

Now, talk to your male buddy. He will perfectly understand you when you tell him about option one. He won't take you serious on option two.

Not every woman will take you serious on option two either. But unlike your buddy, most women like to hear that kind of bullshit.

By and large, the techniques of deceit and deception for building relationships relationships are the same as the techniques applied in hypnosis. When the hypnotist tells his patient / victim that he shall imagine himself on a sunny island of the Pacific, where all his dreams come true, and where all his problems are solved, that's also bullshit. But it's what the patient / victim wants to hear. At least unconsciously, he wants to hear this.

Suggestions for paradisiacal imaginations lull people into a state of mind no longer controlled by their own reason but the hypnotist. It's the same, albeit on a lower scale, with telling a girl or woman how beautiful she is, and that you will love her until the end of your days.

You don't have to hypnotize a woman you want to use. That would be too dangerous. It would be illegal and put you in jeopardy of prosecution. But there is also no need to hypnotize a girl or women to get what you want. It is much safer you keep her conscious and manipulate her nevertheless. You cannot be blamed for what happens because it will appear to have happened on her own will.

You will be surprised when you learn how susceptible women, and especially girls, are for dreams which are so standard that they are best classified as clichés.

Even a fat and ugly girl likes to hear that she is sooo beautiful and sooo sexy. Tell an average looking girl that she has the potential to be a movie star or a photo model, or at least a stewardess on intercontinental flights. She may tell you, consciously, that all of this is impossible, that it will ever happen; that you are just talking honey. But unconsciously, she will blossom in the imaginations you incite in her.

OK, when girls become women, they usually become better in differentiating what are realistic perspectives, and what are not.

However, if you are a Caucasian men hunting in Asia, you are an option that doesn’t have to become unrealistic as girls become women. More precisely: in most Asian countries, the career perspective of being the housewife of a Western man is probably as good as the career perspective of becoming a singer or movie star.

Actually, the career perspective of becoming the housewife of an American or European husband combines two dreams of average young women most anywhere in the world, the one of glamour and the one of lifelong love. And the perspective of becoming the housewife of a Western man doesn't have to fade for women until they are beyond 30. In Asia, many just-average girls and many women who are already beyond 30 succeed in landing a foreign husband. That's what Asian girls and women see many times when they walk the streets (usually only of large cities), and that's what they read about in celebrity magazines.

Combine this insight with the first rule of deceit and deception: give signals to an Asian girl or woman that you are on the market for lifelong love. If you can create this impression realistically, you can be beyond 50, and look it, and still successfully compete with any local, young or old, rich or poor, and with any other foreign man who is half your age, but gives the impression that he is just out looking for a clean fuck.

No, I don’t want to tell you to find a wife in Asia. I want to tell you how to achieve an optimum number of consenting lays with non-prostitutes in Asia. You can go along charming, and creating impressions that help you with your goals (relationships intercourse), but you have to stop short from becoming somebody's legal husband. Anyway, it is your legal right to change your mind, even on the stairs of the chapel.

To summarize it: rule one is to let girls and women hear what they, consciously or not, want to hear, and not to tell them what you really think.

Rule two is that you eliminate social control by aiming for as much privacy as possible. You can't tell a girl that she has the potential to become a movie star or a photo model in front of her parents. Her parents won't fall for it. They will smell your tactics, and they will perceive you as trouble.

It’s best to sort-of hypnotize a girl or young woman under four eyes. Even her friends, when they hear your lines, may be inclined to bring her back to reason. And that would be very counterproductive for your game of seduction.

Chapter one of your game of deceit and deception ends with her genuinely loving you. Actually, it's not you she loves. It’s her hopes and dreams that she loves. And you have become a very essential part of these hopes and dreams. So much so that her hopes and dreams depend on you. If you are out of the picture, all her dreams will be shattered.

Chapter two of your game of deceit and deception begins when you start implementing your ideas, not in her dream world, but in reality. You tell her that yes, you want to marry her, but you will first have to go and get permission from your mama (or your government). This will still take time. But at the present, you always suffer such terrible headaches because of relationships urges. Yes, of course, you want to be faithful to her until the end of your days. But if she is not willing to give you what you need, sorry, you will have to find another girl. How can she be so gruesome to you and not let you. Because you only need it a little bit. Not serious yet. Only a little bit.

Be assured that you can talk her into it. If it is under four eyes. You have to avoid witnesses, not because you would do something illegal but because they would maybe bring her back to her senses.

If you have taken her virginity (assuming that she was a virgin), she will be yours for further manipulation. Under the strangest pretexts, you can come up with the most outlandish of demands.

If you are skillful you will even be able to convince her that the best way to further deepen and strengthen your love for her, is to bring another girl for threesome fun. You can give this a metaphysical, religious dimension, and she will get deeper and deeper entangled. Religious sects (scientologists and others) play this game, and so can you.

There will be no relationships acts she will refuse, just for you, or, in reality, just to uphold the romantic perspective that you have implanted in her initially. Obviously, she will also be obedient in other aspects of life. If she is rich, she will give you access to economic means, though you have to be aware of the fact that rich girls are under more social control by their parents.

It is truly amazing to what extend girls and women can be controlled without the necessity to formally hypnotize them. However, the stranger your plans for her, the more important it is to stick to rule three of deceit and deception.

Rule three is to go step by step. You cannot manipulate a woman who is newly in love with you to perform anilingus on you, if you confront her with the request before you have exchanged conventional kisses. To get what you want, you have to play a game of two step forward, one step back.

Before confronting her with new requests that would normally be declined, be extra nice and romantic for a week or so. Then give the impression of withdrawing mentally. Don't smile. Look sad. She will ask you what is wrong with you. Tell her that it is because of her. Because she doesn't want to do this or that. That's why the whole perspective of your life together has become bleak. Be assured that she will cooperate.

The point is to go step by step. Don't present her with bites that are too large to swallow. She will agree to anything if you apply the right tactics. Never threaten or physically abuse her for not agreeing to something. Just play with the idea that you may withdraw from her if she doesn't agree.

These techniques of manipulating girls and women of course are not new. Con artists have used them form centuries, and some pimps apply them to get their “girlfriends” to work as prostitutes (and bring the money home).

Better check what you bought - compare to our sample

If you previously bought tongkat ali extract, and it was sold by a scammer pretending it to be 1:200, you can get a free sample of our genuine Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract and compare the two.

Tongkat ali 1:200 extract was developed by us more than 20 years ago. It's not that anybody could go and do a tongkat ali 1:200 extract as easily as boiling a kilo of potatoes. The process to get a batch of tongkat ali 1:200 extract takes a full week of milling, heating, passing through pressure and vacuum chambers, and filtering.

95 percent of all tongkat ali 1:200 extracts on the web, or maybe even 99 percent, are just simply fake. Some dishonest characters, mostly in Singapore, obtain a dubious powder from China, then print 1:200 on the label, and make 50 dollars profit on a price of 60.

We have genuine resellers. They buy for several hundreds of thousands US dollars from us every year. Of course, they get a good price from us. They also sell 100 caps for around 60, but make a much smaller profit than the fakers.

You can see more details on our main website, Tongkatali Org.

It's not that Sumatra Pasak Bumi would be expensive. Indonesian 1:200 extract is expensive because it is expensive to produce. Our Thai products are much cheaper. Thailand is an easier country. So, if you can't afford genuine Indonesian 1:200 extract, Thai relationships enhancement is also good, and less costly. But avoid throwing money to a Singaporean flat and gym operation that calls itself a lab. You either feel nothing, or you feel weird because they add bootleg prescription medicines. Don't be misled by slick web design. With their outrageous profits, they can afford web design.

The quality of orgasms

By Serge Kreutz

Optimal relationships experience, followed by a comfortable death, is the only sensible concept in life.

We do not live to please a specific god, or for the sake of our children, and there is no meaning in an, however identified, common good. The only perspective that makes philosophical sense is that we live to please ourselves, and orgasms are the ultimate pleasure.

There are a good number of aspects that play a role in orgasms, and their quality. Orgasms aren’t alike. Men can produce ejaculate as the result of laboring their relationships organs, almost unaccompanied by relationships fantasies or relationships pleasure. They also can ejaculate almost involuntarily, purely as a result of psychological, not physiological stimulation. There is no doubt that the second kind of orgasms provides a much higher level of satisfaction.

In accordance with the materialistic principles of science, psychological aspects have their physiological equivalents. Jealousy, for example, is an emotion, but it also is a biochemical process. Nevertheless, I sort jealousy under psychological aspects because it has a mental expression. The health of my cardiovascular system, a precondition for good erections, does not have a primary mental expression… but nevertheless greatly influences the quality of my orgasms.

I am sure that the solution to the problem of loss of excitement in orgasms will first be pharmacological, then surgical, and finally genetical. It will not be psychological, and even less philosophical. When overcoming the loss of excitement in orgasms will be as easy as stopping by a pharmacy, there will no longer be any need for treatises as the one you are currently reading. Such essays will be as unnecessary as sessions with a psychotherapist for the purpose of overcoming depression. Go and buy yourself some Prozac.

The loss of the orgasm quality is physiological. Our brains and testes no longer produce the right mix of hormones, neurotransmitters, prostaglandins, peptides, and whatever else is of relevance to afford us the ultimate bliss.

Medical science so far does not concern itself much with orgasm quality, but there already are prescription pharmaceuticals, dopaminergics, that somehow improve orgasms. These drugs are used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. However, in people not afflicted with Parkinson’s, they tend to cause nausea. Worst in this respect is lisuride.

While the nausea may be bearable for some people more than for others, these Parkinson’s medications are prescription drugs all the same for everyone. Some of them are also extremely expensive.

Butea superba, a Thai herbal, is probably the only pharmacological agent that improves orgasm quality without side effects.

Butea superba has a unique double mode of action by enhancing testosterone synthesis and inhibiting phosphodiesterase at the same time.

Phosphodiesterase inhibition is the route of action of prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction.

But butea superba doesn’t feel like these prescription drugs. Butea superba facilitates erections more naturally because they happen in tandem with heightened libido.

And then, more specifically, butea superba extends the time frame of the pre-orgasmic plateau.

For most men, the pre-orgasmic plateau is just 2 or 3 seconds, and younger men often don’t know how to enjoy it.

The pre-orgasmic plateau is the moment when male ejaculation becomes certain, regardless of whether penetrative thrusting is continued or not. Physiologically, it is the time when sperm and the fluids of the seminal vesicles accumulate at the base of the urethra for expulsion.

This phase of the orgasm is already highly pleasurable, even though younger men are hardly aware of it. Older men more often can enjoy this phase, and they stop penetration, and let it come all by itself.

Butea superba can extend this plateau phase, and give it a duration of 5 to 10 seconds, which feels like an eternity of the most exquisite pleasure.

Because the directors of porn movies usually demand that ejaculation happens in front of the lens, rather than inside the female body, studs often supplement with butea superba. Not only does butea superba help them to stay focused on their assignment of the day in spite of unromantic onlookers; butea superba also allows them more time to withdraw from the woman and position their vital organ before the camera before shooting their loads.

I can help you to improve your relationships life and your physique with tongkat ali and butea superba

By Serge Kreutz

Whole roots need to be chipped and the boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting tea tastes absolutely terrible, to say the least. However, not everyone who wants to use tongkat ali is willing to go through the process of preparing his or her own tea. Quite a number of people prefer a ready-made, ready to use product.

We at tongkatali.org sell a selection of well-established testosterone boosters.

I myself started with the testosterone booster tongkat ali when I was into bodybuilding. Nothing dramatic, not good enough for competition or even just to post photos.

The following is the text, slightly modified, that got me going on using tongkat ali for bodybuilding, and ultimately selling it.

Now I found scientific official proof: tongkat ali extract causes noticable muscle growthin men. The British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that in a double-blind placebo controlled scientific trial, the use of tongkat ali extract was the reason for a 5 % increase in lean body mass in the treatment group, while no noteworthy changes were seen in the placebo group. I believe that 5 % in 5 weeks is a big improvement, which becomes obvious if you calculate the increase this would mean over a course of a year (5 weeks – 5 %; 52 weeks – 50 %).

Among facts I found most interesting is that the journal article reports: “The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group.”

You can read the abstract of the clinical trial with healthy men at the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine:


As you may expect from a scientific publication, the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine is not so easy to navigate. In this specific case, the abstract on the scientific trial about tongkat ali has been put together with a number of other abstracts. The abstracts are numbered 001, 002, 003, and so on. The abstract that talks about tongkat ali’s effect on bodybuilding has the number 007. You have to be aware that the Latin, scientific name of tongkat ali is Eurycoma longifolia.

There are a few things you may want to pay attention to in an interpretation of the results of the cited scientific study with human subjects. For example, you should consider that the tongkat ali extract used in the trial has been made in a university laboratory. I assume there may be a difference between authentic university lab-extracted tongkat ali and the commercial products you find on health store shelves. In my opinion, if the reason for your tongkat ali usage is muscle gain, you can ignore all products from US heath food chain shops, and you don't have to look at Amazon, or eBay. Tongkat ali is one of the most expensive herbals on the market because (1) it’s rare, and (2) it takes a incredibly time long to grow. Thus, what you get as cheapish stuff is never a powerful extract. Unfortunately, many of the products you have to pay more money for, will also cheat you. You have to look what company produced the product you are interested to buy.

The only two country in the world where you still find substantial resources of tongkat ali in the wild are Indonesia and Thailand. The tree once was common in Malaysia, but because the search for tongkat ali has turned into something like the one for truffles in France or Italy, tongkat ali has since been named a protected plant in Malaysia, and forest areas where it is still found have already been watched over by forest rangers for several years. (The Star, January 30, 2001)

While you can read on the internet that much of “Malaysian” tongkat ali sold in recent years was actually from Indonesia, it’s expected that the supply from Indonesia will also dry up in the coming years. The former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that the protection of the Indonesian forests was a prime priority of his government. But as I saw from numerous news reports, they burned down forests anyway on a large scale to make space for palm oil plantations. I think Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must have been joking when he promised: “The government will take strong action on the perpetrators and will take them to court where they will receive the most severe punishment.”

Tongkat ali isn’t a fast-growing weed. My Thai friend who have started a plantation for tongkat ali told me that full size can’t be expected in less than 25 years. The effectiveness of mature tongkat ali is said to be far superior to that of young plants. Furthermore, tongkat ali is as hard to grow as orchids, my Thai friends explained. The soil needs to be sandy and has to be well drained. However, new water is needed several times a week. Tongkat ali also needs a semi-shaded environment. The plant’s natural habitat is limited to tropical jungle slopes (which naturally are drained after a downpour) and which are partly shaded by the rain forest canopy while leaving some sunlight to reach the plant because of the angle of the terrain.

Due to the fact that tongkat ali is so expensive, even in Malaysia where it originated, I have seen a worrisome trend that traders there now think it more economical to sell herbal fillers that are laced with Pfizer’s Blue, rather than authentic tongkat ali (which buyers request). (New Straits Times, April 10, 2004)

For those of you who take the so-called tongkat ali for its prosexual effects, the doupe may actually work (though the substitution can be life-threatening, and sildenafil analogues and even authentic sildenafil are on record to give you a higher risk for a stroke ). However, for those of you who look for genuine tongkat ali for the aim of improving the ratio between lean body mass and fat, the stretched Pfizer’s Blue will have no effect.

As I have explained numerous times, the active ingredients in tongkat ali are present only in little amounts. You will need about 50 gram of the root for one dosage, and athletes among you who want to get maximum results without having to take illegal steroids will typically take 2 or 3 dosages a day. Scientifically established effectiveness, dropping resources, and the natural difficulty of analyzing the composition of a natural medication are a dangerous mix. While you may soon see authentic tongkat ali extract measured on gold scales, the demand of a growing market for ever cheaper products will definitely attract a huge number of cheaters.

How to guard yourself from being cheated? I suggest you always cheack the origin of a product before you buy. Are they an established seller in the tongkat ali market? Where are they located? You should avoid Singapore.

And simply, you shouldn't trust cheap prices when your seller can't explain to you why his prices are cheap.

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Privacy policy of Sumatra Pasak Bumi

For us at Sumatra Pasak Bumi, privacy in the age of the Internet is a major concern, and we greatly welcome the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have always been dedicated to privacy protection. The snooping and spooking of all and everybody is a pest. It’s not just the NSA and every large search engine and browser (we recommend Duckduckgo for searches and as browser), but even minor businesses that do their databases and customer profiling in hope of McDonald's style do-you-want-fries-with-that cross sales.

We don’t.

We respect the privacy of customers and people visiting our website. Our site is run from a secure socket layer. We do not use cookies. We do not maintain customer accounts for logging in later. Our website is simple html programming, and we don't even use WordPress templates or e-commerce plug-ins. We don't do a newsletter to which customers could subscribe, and we don't even include standard social media buttons that would link visitors of our site to certain Facebook or Twitter profiles.

We prefer communication by email using a gmail account because this is probably still the most private mode of communication (Hillary may disagree), and when we have information to disseminate to the public, we just publish it on our website. We do offer the option to communicate with us by chat apps if a site visitor so wishes, but prefer email.

If privacy is your concern, you are in good hands with us.