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On our English pages, you often see the word "relationships". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "relationships" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

Tongkatali.org's Hunting in the Muslim world

By Serge Kreutz

My first Muslim girl was a Somali student (or so she claimed) in Nairobi. In the Northeastern quarter of Africa, girls are radically circumcised. She didn't have a clitoris, or any genital lips; just a hole. And unlike women who have not been genitally mutilated, she didn't have gentle relationships on her mind. I have never known another woman as wild in bed as she.

She definitely was beautiful; some Somali girls and women are among the most beautiful in the world. They are a little darker than Arab women, usually with finer noses. They are a world apart from the Bantu in Kenya or Uganda.

However, it was less her beauty that attracted me, but rather the fact that she was a Muslim. I was excited about this. Like almost all North American and Western European men, I thought it would be impossible to score with a Muslim girl.

Most Americans and Europeans wrongly assume a much higher degree of moral coherence in the Muslim world than there actually is. For one thing, not every citizen in a Muslim country, and not every person who nominally is a Muslim, is a true believer in God.

Like in Christian countries, in Muslim countries, too, the percentage of women who are genuine believers is probably higher than the percentage of men. This probably has to do with male and female testosterone levels. In any human society, you will likely find more fearful females than fearful males. Men are more prone to be taken over by aggression, and when our levels of aggressiveness are high enough, fear is minimized.

Being religious has a lot to do with being fearful. Fear of death, and fear of what might happen after death. Fear that nothing at all may happen after death, and fear that something bad may await us: the purgatory.

However, while in Muslim countries, the number of true believers, especially among men, is much lower than the number of those who nominally are Muslims, a large number of those who are no genuine believers will nevertheless strongly identify themselves as Muslim because of the social order, which the religion installs and protects.

Men in Muslim countries have a much easier time to identify with their religion and to be men at the same time. For example, Muslim community leaders are always married, and in some countries to more than one woman in one household, and they often have a lot of children.

On the contrary, to be a Catholic community leader is fit for castrates, or impotent men, or feminized homosexuals. Throughout Christian history, the most manly men have always been suspected to lack in Christian piety. If these men would indeed have been truly pious, they would become or have become monks: soft-spoken, weakish, and asexual.

Most people in the Christian world aren't, but we have to be aware that Christians, Muslims, and Jews pray to the same God. (I don't pray to God; I prey on women.)

For Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Abraham's pact with God is the event that initiated their religion. They follow the Ten Commandments. Muslims even believe in Jesus, and don't doubt God's interference in the way Mary conceived. However, they regard Jesus only as a prophet, not as part of the Holy Trinity. To them, Jesus is not God. There is only one God. It's not that his name would be Allah. Sentences that state that Christians pray to God, and Muslims pray to Allah, are semantic nonsense.

Christians and Muslims alike pray to the God with whom Abraham made his contract. Muslims, even more so than Christians, consider him the only God. So, for both religions, it's not a matter of your god and my god. Because for both religions, as well as the Jewish faith on which they have built, there is only one God, he doesn't need a name, and doesn't have one. It just happens that "Allah" is the Arab word for "God".

Even I, as a non-believer, can understand this.

And I have learned about religions, just as I have learned languages. I hunt girls and women in exotic places. The more exotic the place, the more rewarding the conquest.

And, after language, religion is probably the most defining element in a people's life.

I like to have Muslim girls in bed. Compared to Buddhist girls and Christian girls, they generally have a more honest approach to relationships satisfaction, and even the female climax.

Am I nuts? Yes, no. Yes, my audience primarily are North Americans and Northwestern Europeans... parts of the world where English is the main means of communication (though I myself am German).

No, I am not nuts.

I just believe in investigating an issue before making a judgment. Islam is a red cloth to most Americans and European, especially American and European men, because they feel totally excluded (especially from competing for Muslim females).

But the barrier is easy to cross; very easy, indeed.

Look at me. My only genuine interest is in bedding beautiful girls, preferably of the kind that is temporarily bonded to me by love, and (for hygienic and other reasons) is rather exclusive to me.

I don't really care what relationship she has to God, or gods, or whether she prefers praying in an upright position, or kneeing, or while standing on her head. I want her to part her legs. For me. Not for others.

I am not at all religious. I don't care about God or gods. But I am a practical man. If it makes the lady happy, or if it is a necessity in order to lay her in the first place, I can profess (and have professed) to any religion that is en vogue where and with whom I am. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Communism, or "relationships and drugs and rock 'n roll", it's all the same to me. In these issues, I am a total opportunist.

But this article is not about pop culture; it is about hunting in the Muslim world. And if hunting in the Muslim world, it makes perfect sense to pretend to be one of them.

No, you don't have to pretend to be an expert Muslim. And you don't have to be an expert Muslim in order to be accepted. Actually, as an alleged newcomer to the faith, you will likely even be shown more affection by your "Muslim brothers" than if you were an expert (who, so the locals could suspect, has come to lead them on, or off, the "right path").

It is very, very easy indeed to become a Muslim. All that is required is that you, as an adult male, have been circumcised, and that you utter, in front of a Muslim community leader, the Muslim profession of faith. That's just two lines, spoken in Arabic, that you attest to the fact that there is no god but God, and that Mohammed is his messenger. There will be a kind of ritual washing, quite similar in atmosphere to a Christian baptism, and then: here you go, my "Muslim brother".

It will take a bit longer until you will have memorized Muslim prayers and until you can truly perform and participate in the prayer rituals, but after you have formally entered the faith, you are fully accepted, and fathers, especially if they also can reasonably expect material benefits, will happily hand over a daughter to you as your faithful Muslim wife (expecting that this will also stabilize your faith).

Ooops. You didn't really intend to get married. You have been looking for something rather temporary. You also want other girls. Lots of them.

So, where's the problem?

Don't be narrow-minded! You can have it all (assuming you have the means; but you don't have to be terribly rich).

Yohimbe combined with bromocriptine or deprenyl

By Serge Kreutz

I have tried combining yohimbe with deprenyl and/or sildenafil citrate, as well as with arginine, and occasionally with bromocriptine. I tried these combinations over several weeks (though not every day).

Yohimbe plus bromocriptine

Bromocriptine in itself can have an effect on desire. However, with small doses, the effect wears off after just a few uses – and with larger dosages, nausea will eliminate any pro-relationships effect.

While nausea can be avoided when taking bromocriptine in very small dosages alone or with sildenafil citrate, the trick does not work when combining bromocriptine with yohimbe. When on yohimbe, I have never managed to avoid the nausea caused by adding bromocriptine. If nausea occurs when using bromocriptine alone, I can sometimes escape the discomfort by going to sleep. After ingesting bromocriptine with yohimbe I may get to sleep more easily than on yohimbe alone, but sleep quality is nowhere near what it would be without the yohimbe.

I do not recommend combining yohimbe with bromocriptine. And I do not recommend either alone. Both substances mess up relationships quality, and especially bromocriptine does damage to relationships parameters. This is in contrast to tongkat ali which improves long-term relationships health.

Yohimbe plus deprenyl

I have also tried deprenyl (selegeline, Jumex) with yohimbe. Deprenyl is a MAO inhibitor, and I had read that MAO inhibitors don’t go well with yohimbe, so I was careful with the dosages. I had previously tried deprenyl alone, and found it to have an amphetamine-like effect at dosages of more than 2.5 milligrams (half a standard Jumex tablet). I don’t feel the amphetamine-like effect anymore with up to 5 milligrams. But for me, deprenyl also detracts from the yohimbe when combined with it.

I have always found deprenyl’s pro-relationships effects overrated. It’s a dopaminergic substance, and dopamine is, to a certain extent, responsible for relationships desire. But dopamine overstimulation strongly interferes with erectile function and leads to a (reversible) shrinkage of the male organ. That’s why cocaine, and amphetamines may make you horny, but also make erections and orgasms more difficult to achieve.

Deprenyl is not as bad as amphetamine and methamphetamine in making erections more difficult. It may even be that a 25-year-old would not feel any erectile impediment. But for a man of about 50, the anti-erection effect is stronger than the pro-libido effect, unless there is a clear dopamine deficit (as with Parkinson’s patients).

One can counterbalance the anti-erection effect of deprenyl with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. In fact, I have been told that drug users now regularly mix cocaine with sildenafil citrate to avoid shrinkage.

But why combine yohimbe and deprenyl when this is no better than yohimbe alone, and definitely worse than the combination of yohimbe with sildenafil citrate?

As deprenyl is an MAO inhibitor, it may possibly aggravate the negative side effects of yohimbe. Yohimbine is an alpha-2-receptor blocker; it frees systemic adrenaline and noradrenaline. Adrenaline and noradrenaline (epinephrine and norepinephrine) function as hormones and as neurotransmitters. The adrenaline and noradrenaline displaced by the yohimbe from alpha-2-receptors lead to mental agitation as well as increased heart rate.

This effect is countered by the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO), which breaks down adrenaline and noradrenaline, leading to relaxation after states of agitation. MAO inhibitors interfere with monoamine oxidase’s capability to deaminate and destroy adrenaline and noradrenaline. In combination with yohimbe, this means that the agitated state lasts until the yohimbine has cleared from the alpha-2-receptors. With unimpaired monoamine oxidase, the agitation caused by the displacement of adrenaline from alpha-2-receptors should be countered by the breakdown of free adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Combining deprenyl with yohimbe will likely prolong the negative side effects of yohimbe, such as heart palpitation, nervousness, and sleeplessness, while doing little or nothing to enhance the pro-relationships effects.

What we would really like with yohimbe is increased MAO activity, not diminished MAO activity, so we could go to sleep after having enjoyed yohimbe’s pro-relationships effects. Therefore, we don’t want deprenyl, but some sort of ‘anti-deprenyl’ .

Tongkatali.org's The Kreutz food philosophy is a oral aroma therapy

By Serge Kreutz

Have you ever observed the flow of your thoughts when your mouth holds delicious food?

There is a direct link from your taste buds to your mental state.

It is not just that delicious food tastes good. It feels good.

Delicious food in the mouth is a powerful anti-depressant. It alleviates clinical and sub- clinical mental problems better than prescription drugs.

Delicious tastes in the mouth generate optimism and a positive outlook to one’s life in the future.

Beyond that, delicious food in the mouth is a powerful smart drug. When you do creative work, or study, you do this much better when it is accompanied by delicious tastes in the mouth.

This is why chocolate, for example, makes people intelligent. No, it’s not the theobromine, it’s the effect of the taste on the brain.

But where to put all the calories from delicious food? Into your stomach? What a burden for your body!

My food philosophy is to differentiate what I put into my mouth from what I pass to my stomach. For simplicity I have named this food philosophy the Serge Kreutz diet.

I am all in favor of the stimulating effects of the many tastes of food.

But my stomach and my intestines and my liver all have no taste receptors. Taste receptors really are just in my mouth.

So why should I discard the bolus that forms in my mouth into my stomach? That doesn’t make much sense.

I discard it into a plastic bag.

This is all the more advisable as many of the carriers of delicious tastes have a negative effect on human organisms once they have passed the mouth.

Alcoholic drinks, some of which really have inspiring effects via their tastes (wine, most of all), are simply shit to digest.

Or take cheeses, those tyramine-lauded headache triggers.

Any excessive food is just a burden, and not just because of the obesity effect.

So, discard most of what you eat into plastic bags, not into your stomach. Or, as a catch phrase: spit it, don’t shit it.

You can call this “kreutzing food” if you want to credit me for the idea.

If you are a newcomer to kreutzing food, here some basic advice on technicalities.

Liquid food is, of course, easiest to kreutz.

Next are foods that liquefy well in the mouth, such as chocolate and soft cheeses.

Curries are also easy to kreutz. I cook them myself and play with their tastes for many hours on some days.

Because curries are so easy to variate, they are indeed one of the most suited foods for any oral aroma therapy. You don’t swallow, so it does not matter that many of the seeds and roots used in curries are bad intestinal irritants.

The worst food to kreutz is probably bread. Bread does not liquefy in the mouth, it just clumps. Compared to fluids, to discards bread into plastic bags feels messy.

Rice is also not ideal as a kreutzing staple because rice does not dissolve in the mouth. Even though the rice kernels are soft, they remain kernels and tend to stick between lips and the rows of teeth.

The best staple to give tastes volume are potatoes because they liquefy in the mouth (cook them soft).

Potatoes, for example, are ideal for kreutzing curries, and the combination is one of the best oral aroma therapy recipes.

Tongkatali.org's What is aging?

By Serge Kreutz

Aging, from a certain age onwards, is a decline of physical and mental functions.

It partially depends on outside impact (accidents and illnesses caused by external pathogens), and partially is self-regulated (the human body withdraws itself from life).

This article deals only with aging as a result of negative self-regulation.

Negative self-regulation is heavily mediated by the immune system of the human body.

The immune system takes its clues for negative self-regulation from the neurological system which signals to the immune system, on multiple pathways, that time is approaching (for the benefit of the species) to let the next generation take over.

The genetic make-up of human nature may determine that it is in the interest of the species that I, as a human male, vacate my social positions, and the surface of this planet rather sooner than later.

But this is not my individual interest. As long as I can have fun, I want to be around.

Any serious life extension has to take this into consideration: if you want to live longer, you have to intercept the negative self-regulation of the immune system.

And the healthiest way (free of side effects), is by interfering with the negative signaling of the neurological system.

And how do you control the neurological system?

One powerful way to do this is via the psychological system.

This is why a positive attitude towards life has such a great positive impact on a persons immune system, and his or her health.

Go further!

It is the psychological-relationships system of human physiology that has the greatest power over how we feel.

Our greatest capacity to feel well, and positive, is when our minds are engulfed in relationships desire, and after that, during the waves of orgasms.

Because these positive situations recharge our immune system like nothing else, our health is great as long as we have great relationships. No rheumatism, no back aches, no high blood pressure, no cancer (and an endless list of other “no’s”).

So, what practical conclusions we can draw from this if our aim is to slow down aging?

We have to ensure that our relationships lives are as optimal as they can be.

For this reason, I am against all social orders that have a negative impact on my personal relationships life. Such social orders deprive me of better health and bring me closer to death.

On the other hand, I do recognize that the quality of my relationships desires and orgasms considerably depend on my hormonal balances, especially the levels of testosterone.

This is why the only drug in my personal life extension regimen is a substance that up-regulates my testosterone levels.

Actually, it’s not even a drug but a herbal supplement, the testosterone-enhancing effect of which has been well documented in scientific research: tongkat ali

Please be aware that while I am all in favor of elevated testosterone levels, I am totally opposed to exogenous testosterone (testosterone patches, testosterone injections, anabolic steroids).


Because my health, and any life extension I can achieve, depend on whether I have a healthy hormonal system. And supplying exogenous testosterone is the worst interruption that can happen to my endocrine functions. Exogenous testosterone just throws everything out of balance. This is the opposite of what I can achieve with tongkat ali.

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