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On our English pages, you often see the word "relationships". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "relationships" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

I can help you to improve your relationships life and your physique with tongkat ali and butea superba

By Serge Kreutz

Whole roots need to be chipped and the boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting tea tastes absolutely terrible, to say the least. However, not everyone who wants to use tongkat ali is willing to go through the process of preparing his or her own tea. Quite a number of people prefer a ready-made, ready to use product.

We at tongkatali.org sell a selection of well-established testosterone boosters.

I myself started with the testosterone booster tongkat ali when I was into bodybuilding. Nothing dramatic, not good enough for competition or even just to post photos.

The following is the text, slightly modified, that got me going on using tongkat ali for bodybuilding, and ultimately selling it.

Now I found scientific official proof: tongkat ali extract causes noticable muscle growthin men. The British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that in a double-blind placebo controlled scientific trial, the use of tongkat ali extract was the reason for a 5 % increase in lean body mass in the treatment group, while no noteworthy changes were seen in the placebo group. I believe that 5 % in 5 weeks is a big improvement, which becomes obvious if you calculate the increase this would mean over a course of a year (5 weeks – 5 %; 52 weeks – 50 %).

Among facts I found most interesting is that the journal article reports: “The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group.”

You can read the abstract of the clinical trial with healthy men at the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine:


As you may expect from a scientific publication, the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine is not so easy to navigate. In this specific case, the abstract on the scientific trial about tongkat ali has been put together with a number of other abstracts. The abstracts are numbered 001, 002, 003, and so on. The abstract that talks about tongkat ali’s effect on bodybuilding has the number 007. You have to be aware that the Latin, scientific name of tongkat ali is Eurycoma longifolia.

There are a few things you may want to pay attention to in an interpretation of the results of the cited scientific study with human subjects. For example, you should consider that the tongkat ali extract used in the trial has been made in a university laboratory. I assume there may be a difference between authentic university lab-extracted tongkat ali and the commercial products you find on health store shelves. In my opinion, if the reason for your tongkat ali usage is muscle gain, you can ignore all products from US heath food chain shops, and you don't have to look at Amazon, or eBay. Tongkat ali is one of the most expensive herbals on the market because (1) it’s rare, and (2) it takes a incredibly time long to grow. Thus, what you get as cheapish stuff is never a powerful extract. Unfortunately, many of the products you have to pay more money for, will also cheat you. You have to look what company produced the product you are interested to buy.

The only two country in the world where you still find substantial resources of tongkat ali in the wild are Indonesia and Thailand. The tree once was common in Malaysia, but because the search for tongkat ali has turned into something like the one for truffles in France or Italy, tongkat ali has since been named a protected plant in Malaysia, and forest areas where it is still found have already been watched over by forest rangers for several years. (The Star, January 30, 2001)

While you can read on the internet that much of “Malaysian” tongkat ali sold in recent years was actually from Indonesia, it’s expected that the supply from Indonesia will also dry up in the coming years. The former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that the protection of the Indonesian forests was a prime priority of his government. But as I saw from numerous news reports, they burned down forests anyway on a large scale to make space for palm oil plantations. I think Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must have been joking when he promised: “The government will take strong action on the perpetrators and will take them to court where they will receive the most severe punishment.”

Tongkat ali isn’t a fast-growing weed. My Thai friend who have started a plantation for tongkat ali told me that full size can’t be expected in less than 25 years. The effectiveness of mature tongkat ali is said to be far superior to that of young plants. Furthermore, tongkat ali is as hard to grow as orchids, my Thai friends explained. The soil needs to be sandy and has to be well drained. However, new water is needed several times a week. Tongkat ali also needs a semi-shaded environment. The plant’s natural habitat is limited to tropical jungle slopes (which naturally are drained after a downpour) and which are partly shaded by the rain forest canopy while leaving some sunlight to reach the plant because of the angle of the terrain.

Due to the fact that tongkat ali is so expensive, even in Malaysia where it originated, I have seen a worrisome trend that traders there now think it more economical to sell herbal fillers that are laced with Pfizer’s Blue, rather than authentic tongkat ali (which buyers request). (New Straits Times, April 10, 2004)

For those of you who take the so-called tongkat ali for its prosexual effects, the doupe may actually work (though the substitution can be life-threatening, and sildenafil analogues and even authentic sildenafil are on record to give you a higher risk for a stroke ). However, for those of you who look for genuine tongkat ali for the aim of improving the ratio between lean body mass and fat, the stretched Pfizer’s Blue will have no effect.

As I have explained numerous times, the active ingredients in tongkat ali are present only in little amounts. You will need about 50 gram of the root for one dosage, and athletes among you who want to get maximum results without having to take illegal steroids will typically take 2 or 3 dosages a day. Scientifically established effectiveness, dropping resources, and the natural difficulty of analyzing the composition of a natural medication are a dangerous mix. While you may soon see authentic tongkat ali extract measured on gold scales, the demand of a growing market for ever cheaper products will definitely attract a huge number of cheaters.

How to guard yourself from being cheated? I suggest you always cheack the origin of a product before you buy. Are they an established seller in the tongkat ali market? Where are they located? You should avoid Singapore.

And simply, you shouldn't trust cheap prices when your seller can't explain to you why his prices are cheap.


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Tongkatali.org - Carnitine has very little potential for relationships enhancement

By Serge Kreutz

When this domain was registered, in 1999, carnitine was much hyped. But as time went by, it became clear that its usefulness as a supplement is minimal. As this is an amino acid high in meat, eating any meat or eggs will do the same.

There are loads of articles on the internet that write about carnitine, both in the scientific and in the popular media. Despite our domain name, to be a primary source of information on carnitine is beyond the scope of this website.

Rather than isolated carnitine, we also sell a number of herbal relationships enhancement products from Thailand (Paul is an off-and-on resident of Pattaya, which explains our focus on relationships supplements, rather than, for example, traditional remedies for diabetes or high blood pressure).

The Thai relationships enhancement herbals we trade are tongkat ali, butea superba, and krachai dam.

Their effectiveness for relationships purposes has been confirmed in numerous scientific and clinical studies. All three are widely used in Thailand.

Even though tongkat ali, butea superba, and krachai dam are not very well-known in the US, at lot of data has already been published about all three. It's superfluous to go into much detail again. We rather concentrate on trade at low prices.

Just that much: butea superba and tongkat ali are testosterone boosters. They are great for relationships desire, libido, and relationships sensation, even orgasms.

Krachai dam is another story. It works on penile blood vessels, similar to Pfizer’s Blue, to which it is chemically related. Both Pfizer’s Blue and krachai dam are phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Krachai dam has many other names. The scientific name is kaempferia parviflora, a bit long for comfort. But use the scientific name if you want to check scholar.google.com for clinical studies.

Krachai dam is also known as krachai dum. Actually, the correct pronunciation of krachai dam rhymes with "rum", the Carribean sugar whiskey. But krachai dam is the common transliteration of the Thai word. "Dam" means black. So, krachai dam is also know as black ginger. But this is misleading because it's not an ingredient in Asian cuisine, but a traditional medication.

A note on the comparison between Thai and Indonesian tongkat ali: the Thai variety is more sexually stimulating.

Tongkatali.org's - Your wife can climax. Take my word for it

By Serge Kreutz

You, like many men, may suffer psychologically because you cannot bring the woman you love the most to a proper orgasm. Maybe you talked with her about the problem, and maybe your woman consoles you by saying that actually, orgasms are not important to her.

Whether she tells the truth is another story. Maybe she genuinely loves you, even without orgasm. So she says it's not important to her.

Or she just starts faking orgasms.

Maybe the problem is your relationships technique.

But maybe it's more physical. And this is where some special herbal supplements can come in.

Butea superba, for example, can increase libido. If your wife has more relationships desire, and does not just consider intercourse as a service she provides for you, her orgasm threshold will be lower.

Please let me issue a warning. The butea extract I sell can be extremely powerful on some people. So, if you or your wife have never used our products, first-day dosage should be minimal. You can even just open a capsule and take half of the content. Only if there are no side effects you should go on standard dosage, and high dosages of loose butea superba extract powder for a pronounced effect are advisable only after you have used standard dosages for some time. Please do not bypass this warning. First use absolutely minimal quantities.

Tongkatali.org's Eat chocolate and lose weight

By Serge Kreutz

If I would have to select just one food that I would be allowed to put into my mouth until the end of my days, it would choose chocolate… and I would not need 10 seconds of thinking before coming up with that decision.

For many, many years, I have been a consumer of chocolate in large amounts, long before the Serge Kreutz diet idea struck me.

The taste of no other food has such a great effect on my brain.

And after the Serge Kreutz diet idea did occur to me, I noticed quickly that no other food is as suited for kreutzing as is chocolate.

It fully liquefies in the mouth, and it is so easy to discard into a plastic bag. Very little slides into the esophagus, and even for strict kreutzing is is one of the most suited foods.

You can go through 100 or 150 gram of chocolate several times a day, and what makes it to your digestive system is probably just 1 or 2 grams each time.

On many people, chocolate has a great uplifting effect. Conventional science credits this effect to the theobromine and other chemical constituents of chocolate.

But conventional is less than half-true with this assessment.

The psychological effect of chocolate comes from the taste. And this is something you will soon discover if you get into kreutzing food.

Chocolate has a lot of calories. Who cares, haha! When kreutzing chocolate, you get practically none of them.

But if for whatever reason, kreutzing is not for you, here some paragraphs that nevertheless advise you to eat chocolate. They were written before I had the kreutzing idea.

My whole life, I have been concerned with dietary issues.

I had and have to. If I don’t do that, I suffer from debilitating migraine every second day.

I have also had a phase in my life when I was some 40 kilos overweight. I am only 10 kilo overweight now.(This was before I came up with the Serge Kreutz diet idea! I am 20 kilo down from the 10 kilo overweight.)

I could write a diet book. But as of now, it’s just a few websites with some articles.

(obsolete paragraphs omitted)

Which macro nutrient is the biggest burden for the digestive system.

Not fat.

The biggest burden is protein. All proteins contain nitrogen, and when proteins are used as fuel, many nitrogenous toxins are formed.

I am very, very prone to migraine headaches. And the surest way to provoke them is eating cheese. And it has been suggested that the tyramine in aged protein food such as cheese is the trigger.

But by eliminating cheese alone, I cannot get rid of my migraines. I know other trigger food. Eggs for example, fresh eggs, from hens gathering their food running around a farm.

Or from eating chicken at KFC.

I don’t get migraine from eating quality milk chocolate. I can eat nothing else but milk chocolate for three days, up to a kilo a day. No migraine, also no sub-migraine. (But I can’t guarantee this for every brand of dark chocolate.)

I have tried purely vegetarian diets, heavy on peanuts and broccoli, but I still get migraines.

I have finally found the common denominator of all food causing me migraines, and sub- migraine headaches, or just a subtle condition of not feeling fresh.

The common denominator is proteinoverload. The digestion of protein and amino acids anyway produces more toxic by-products than then digestion of any other macro nutrient, all because of the nitrogen they contain. And tyramine, the old culprit and gang leader of migraine triggers, is a nitrogen compound, too.

Of course, I, as everybody else need protein as a nutrient. But how much protein do I need? 30 to 40 gram a day, maybe. Anything more is detrimental to my well-being.

Mind you, anybody eating recognized quality food will have a hard time to not get beyond the 30 to 40 gram of protein per day.

And anybody of the hundreds of millions of people who suffer from migraines and lesser headaches, and who I suggest give protein-restriction a try, can happily go without animal protein and need not worry about not reaching the 30 to 40 grams a day.

Many vegetables, and even grains, are sufficient sources of protein, though one may want to avoid soy products (because they are estrogenic, and soy protein digestion results in particularly toxic by-products) as well as grains and legumes (both with many problematic proteins). Even then, there is no shortage of protein sources. The dry mass of broccoli is around 50 percent protein, and asparagus and spinach are good sources, too.

That much on proteins. How about carbs?

I don’t think they are as problematic as proteins. I, and millions of others, don’t suffer migraine attacks from eating carbs.

But while carbs may not be as heavy on the digestive system as proteins, they aren’t as light as fats either.

Carbs enter the blood stream as sugar, regardless of whether they were ingested as “healthy” greens or “unhealthy” refined sweets, or tasteless starch.

Carbs and fats are more related to each other then either of the two is to protein. The liver converts fat into glucose fairly easily without toxic by-products.

However, there is an easily definable problem with carbohydrates, which is feeling hunger. If carbs are eaten and digested, they result in elevated blood sugar levels. The body has to answer this with releasing insulin.

But this biological response seems to lack fine-tuning. For after the over-sugar phase, there will next be a phase of under-sugar resulting in feeling hungry, regardless of whether the meal supplied enough calories for pending activities or not .

And then they eat. And then they are overweight.

Most people wrongly believe that dietary fats make them fat. Because after having eaten a meal with a sufficient amount of fat people can feel satiated for hours.

But if they just foolishly replace all fats with carbs, they will inevitably be hungry after a short while. And because being hungry is by and large a disturbing feeling, most people just eat.

Now, I am not propagating of a low-carb diet. For curiosity, I have tried it. But while a meal of protein and fat may supply enough calories, it doesn’t satisfy my carving for food. I have to eat some carbs to be happy and fit.

Conventional wisdom, suggests that about half of one’s intake of food should be carbs.

Now what carbs?

Quality carbs. And they should have two, not just one quality. First they should be of good nutritional value, also supplying minerals and vitamins. Second, they should appeal to the taste buds.

Whether they are natural or processed isn’t the issue, really. It’s their biochemical composition that matters.

Grains are tasty, but the proteins that accompany the carbs are critical. The same is the case with many legumes.

On the other hand, while it’s reputation is terrible, refined sugar really is just pure carbs. And I would give it preference over that other simple carb, which is starch.

Taste-wise, sugar beats starch hands-down.

And therefore, it does so also in one nutritional department that is often not considered: the psychological effect of food.

Enter chocolate.

I consider chocolate the most psychologically nutritious food of all.

You can serve me a steak. I eat it.

Then I see a plate of chocolate. I desire it.

You think I am still hungry, so you serve me another steak. OK, I eat it.

But seeing the chocolate, I will still desire it.

This won’t go away with eating yet another steak. I may feel very, very full, but the desire for the chocolate I see will still be there. I really have to force myself not to eat it.

But try it the other way around. Let me eat the chocolate first.

If now I decide that I want to diet and therefore reduce my calorie intake, I can happily go without the steak(s).

I will desire some non-sweet food eventually, but if I do want to lose weight, I can easily eat just chocolate all day, nothing else.

Anyway, nutritionally chocolate fares quite well. Milk chocolate has about 7 gram of protein per 100 gram, and 59 gram of carbs and 29 gram of fat, with about 4 gram of fiber.

As a meal composition, that sounds fairly good to most people, at least as long they don’t know that this meal is just chocolate.

Sure, some necessary micro nutrients such as vitamin C are not supplied (easy to get anywhere, eat some fruit).

On the other hand, chocolate contains some other micro nutrients that otherwise are quite rare, such as phenolics.

So, go ahead, lose weight, eat chocolate. (Of course, kreutzing chocolate is superior to eating chocolate any way you look at it. And chocolate is an important component of the Serge Kreutz diet.)

Tongkatali.org's Relationships unions of economic benefit

By Serge Kreutz

For millennia, marriages were much more than liaisons for relationships pleasure. They were unions to tackle the challenges of everyday life. And they were unions of economic necessity.

It is only in the modern world that the challenges of everyday life have been simplified to a degree that makes it viable for anybody to just live alone. As a result, marriages are increasingly viewed as unions for relationships pleasure.

That doesn’t fit well with the typical female life plan of staying with one man forever. Women are usually comfortable with the idea of having one partner for relationships pleasure all life, even if in reality, there may be infidelities.

For many men, however, the idea is not very appealing, not even on a wedding day.

This doesn’t mean that in reality, there cannot be harmonious lifelong partnerships. They definitely are possible, but not because of matching relationships life plans, but rather in spite of the fact that the relationships life plans do not match.

For each relationships, historically and contemporarily, has a considerable capacity for compromise. In many societies of past centuries, especially in Asia, wives had considerable tolerance for the relationships unfaithfulness of rich or powerful husbands, and this attitude of compromise kept marriages ongoing until the death of one of the partners.

Men agreed to lifelong unions with one partner, compromising on their relationships life plans, because they needed a reliable partner to tackle everyday challenges of maintaining a household. Unions that are based on more than just relationships pleasure are clearly more stable.

In today’s world of small apartments, washing machines, central heating, convenience stores, and microwave ovens, the economic aspect of marriages has diminished.

A viable female strategy would be to tie the male relationships partner into a joint business. For the more his livelihood depends on a joint business with his wife, the less likely he will be to risk the breakup of a relationship by having further relationships on the side.

Tongkatali.org's integrated male relationships success

By Serge Kreutz

Tongkatali.org provides an integrated service for male success, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Male success has a lot to do with male sexual success. Tongkatali.org sells sexuality-enhancing herbals with a proven scientific track record. This is our core operation.

But apart from that, Tongkatali.org is dedicated to the sexual success of our customers on a much wider scope.

Tongkatali.org, for example, offers consultation to customers on dental work and cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia. This service is free for our customers, and can save them a lot of money and protect them from some bad experiences as well.

We often refer to our customers as members. For more than a decade, we have run formal memberships via sergekreutz.com. There were sexual function memberships and sexual opportunities memberships, both priced separately at 250 US dollars each. We have discontinued these, because there simply are too many phony consultation services around which use the same language.

As it stands now, anything related to information is free for members of Tongkatali.org (membership is automatic for those with an order history of 1000 US dollars or more for tangible items, mostly sexuality-enhancing herbals.

Some men are in lifelong exclusive sexual relationships. We respect and congratulate customers to whom this applies.

Most men are not made of such timber. Most men, and a large number of our members, have a profound interest in sexual variety.

For these men, if they are Westerners, East Asia has a lot to offer. Not only is the East Asian approach to physical relationships much more down-to-earth and open to negotiations. The age of men is also of much less relevance, if of any.

Tongkatali.org and Serge Kreutz started out in the early 1980s (around 40 years ago!) with travel guides on Southeast Asia. Unlike standard travel guides, these travel guides already did cover physical relationships. Travel guides nowadays never touch this topic.

Little has changed in Asia in 40 years. Of course, there are better roads, and now there is Internet. And immigration has become more complicated. But the mentality of the people up-country has changed amazingly little.

For members, Tongkatali.org provides free lifestyle advice, tailored for Western men considering moving to East Asia to achieve better physical relationships.

There is more. Tongkatali.org also trades domain names, and our members can rent unique motorhomes designed for Southeast Asian weather and infrastructure. These motorhomes are suited for couples or families going for extended holidays in Southeast Asia, and also for unattached men roaming isolated areas for physical adventures. Mind you: in Asia, the further away you get from modern, urban centers, the better your relationships will be.

Talk to us.!

Mobile Internet access in Indonesia

All cell phone operators in Indonesia offer prepaid Internet access per day, week, or month, or per set chunks of data transfer, measured as megabytes or gigabytes. Time-based arrangements are much more economical.

Foreigners can buy SIM cards at shops of the mobile operators, and at some phone shops.

There is great diversity of Internet packages, and many promotions are poorly published.

Tongkatali.org tries to help.

Indosat Ooredoo

3 Days 500MB, 5,000 Rp, press *123#
7 Days 1GB, 13,000 Rp, press *123#
Monthly 1GB, 25,000 Rp, press *123#
Monthly 2GB, 40,000 Rp, press *123#
Monthly 3GB, 50,000 Rp, press *123#
Monthly 7GB, 75,000 Rp, press *123#

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We have always been dedicated to privacy protection. The snooping and spooking of all and everybody is a pest. It’s not just the NSA and every large search engine and browser we recommend Duckduckgo for searches and as browser, but even minor businesses that do their databases and customer profiling in hope of McDonald's style do-you-want-fries-with-that cross sales.

We don’t.

We respect the privacy of customers and people visiting our website. Our site is run from a secure socket layer. We do not use cookies. We do not maintain customer accounts for logging in later. Our website is simple html programming, and we don't even use WordPress templates or e-commerce plug-ins. We don't do a newsletter to which customers could subscribe, and we don't even include standard social media buttons that would link visitors of our site to certain Facebook or Twitter profiles.

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If privacy is your concern, you are in good hands with us.